The Journey to True Happiness

A counsellor has recently enlightened me that the journey to true happiness is based on two human emotions – Love and Gratitude.

Love could be found everywhere around you, from family, friends, pets and more, and the power of love is long known to be able to achieve amazing things. However, people usually don’t notice that gratitude is also a very powerful source of positive energy.

Gratitude is a powerful source of positive energy as it enables you to feel blessed for the things happening around you. It can train our minds to oversee the obstacles we face in life and only focus on the beauty around us, steering us away from depression and negative emotions.

People of the contemporary society revolve their lives around their job and work way too much, these time-consuming components to our everyday life is severely hindering our potential to attain true happiness. You may think that you know how to relax and to strike a balance between work and enjoying life, yet stress still lives within everyone of us, and as it accumulates in your body and mind it will become anxiety, waiting to explode. Not only do we need to learn ways to de-stress, but we also need to learn how to be grateful for the things and people we have in our life.

Depression and anxiety are two common emotional problems that city-people face in their everyday life. To counter such negative emotions, I have been taught by a counsellor to start a ‘Gratitude Journal’, where I shall record a minimum of 3 things everyday, that happened throughout the day for which I feel grateful about. What I record could be anything, small or large. It could be the fact that I felt lucky because it only started raining after I went indoors, or that I feel blessed when I was having dinner with my family. I was advised to keep this Gratitude Journal as a habit, it could be an actual written journal or it could be really casual, logged in your mobile phone. Over time, I was told that I would be able to focus on the blessings I have in my life and overlook the hurdles I have to face.

The reason why I brought this up in a blogpost is because I wish to share this with all of you. I would like to spread the positive energy that comes from gratitude to my readers. Everyone has to face problems every now and then, but the attitude we use to face the problems is based on our own choice. Facing problems with a positive attitude may not make the problem easier to solve, but it will surely allow you to face it happily rather than dwelling in depressing thoughts. Once you’re in the depression spiral, it is always hard to get out. Everything happening around you would seem to go against you no matter what, and once you start feeling sorry for yourself, you won’t be able to stop. By focusing your thoughts around the blessings you have in life, you would be able to steer yourself away from the blackhole of depression. So I would really like to recommend all of you to start your Gratitude Journal today, and take a step forward towards your journey to true happiness.

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