Robata Zawazawa

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Dinner at Robata Zawazawa

Located in the centre of LanKwaiFong, Japanese delicacies served in Robata Zawazawa is best accompanied with its large variety of Japanese sake.  With only 18 seats in the restaurant, it is rather fully booked in the weekends, weekday bookings should not be a problem.  it is also the perfect venue to host small private parties.  The relaxed ambience of the restaurant is the perfect location for white collars to end their day with a de-stressing drink and enjoying Japanese delicacies.

In general, the dishes are not too pricey, except for those dishes marked ‘market price’, which could be rather expensive.  For two persons, our bill came to HKD 910.

The Ambience of Robata ZawaZawa


Peach Soda Drink


Wagyu Beef Tartare20140721-233615-84975017.jpg

Egg Roll with Fish Roe 20140721-231103-83463013.jpg

Chilled Green Tea Soba w/ Poached Egg20140721-233615-84975553.jpg

Grilled Shitake Mushrooms20140721-231104-83464053.jpg

Grilled Pork Belly20140721-231103-83463548.jpg

Dessert: Peach Flavoured Glass Jelly Noodles


Post-Dinner Chillax: Shisha at Alhambra 

Also located in LanKwaiFong, Alhambra is a popular venue for chillax-ing.  They serve over 10 flavours of shisha and its free to replace the coal.


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