20150630: Utrecht; Netherlands [Day 2]

The Travelling Pixie in Utrecht

20150630: Utrecht; Netherlands [Day 2]

We initially decided last night that we were going to visit Rotterdam today, but then we woke up tooooo late (because its vacation time right!? :P) and we ended up staying in Utrecht the rest of Day 2.

Turns out, we strolled outside of the old city, all the way to where Mr. Bunny here lives (I think he’s supposed to be a famous landmark cuz I saw him on postcards!) and to the Utrecht Centraal Museum.



The whole of Utrecht was like Miffy-Land due to the city-wide installation of human-sized Miffys plus a whole Miffy exhibition gallery space at the Centraal Museum.  I’m not a huge fan of Miffy, but this one here is waaaaay too cute.  Its made of delicate paper-butterflies, in fact, this is the prettiest Miffy I’ve seen in the whole of Utrecht, I just couldn’t resist taking a picture with it! x


I was casually looking over the balcony of the Centraal Museum second floor here when my boyfriend captured this photo. Looks nice hehe!

We booked for a tour of Dom Under at 8:30pm because that was the only available timeslot.  Sorry for there being no photos but it was too dark inside to take any images. I strongly suggest that you visit the Dom Under because the tour includes a very detailed history of the city of Utrecht – definitely enough for those who are looking for historical tour of one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands!

I definitely feel like we should have just spent one / 1.5 days in Utrecht, but since we’ve booked a hotel at Utrecht for two nights, we had no choice but to stay another night!  Utrecht is such a small cozy town, where all of the ‘attractions’ are actually within 15 minutes walking distance – even closer if you are riding a bike!

We ended up not going up the Dom Tower because i reallllllly didn’t feel like walking up so many flights of stairs in such a tiny space – I’m slightly claustrophobic as well as terrified of heights! (Going up the cathedral in Christianshavn in Copenhagen was my limit – mainly because I didn’t know that it would be thattttt high up and the stairs being thatttttt narrow and before I knew it, I had no way of going back down!) – but I’ve learnt my lesson to not go up the spire of a cathedral unless the view is absolutely stunning. :/

Anyways, we stayed another night at Utrecht, storing up energy for our next three days in Amsterdam! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts of the adventures in Amsterdam! :D



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