Guest Post: Flipboard – The “Curated Magazine App”

After just a short while, Toby my tech-geek bestie has blogged on Flipboard – his favourite ‘Curated Magazine App’.  This app sounds really good, able to keep all articles in one place – plus allows u to save your favourite articles, collating them into your own magazine!

Read about it in this post and decide for yourself whether you would like to download the app!

Anna x

Inspired by Anna’s post on her favourite travel blogs, I am going to share my favourite ‘curated magazine app’!

Flipboard was one of the first apps I downloaded onto my first iPad (so that is nearly 4 years ago). I was very impressed with the app as it truly demonstrates why the iPad even existed (okay I am an ‘Apple fanboy’! lol)

Flipboard is very simple – when you first start it up it presents you with “magazines” that you can subscribe to. These magazines usually surround a particular topic or are actually curated by actual magazines, newspapers, and popular websites. With this app, you get to read articles that interest you, be it technology/gadgets, fashion, food, travel, architecture, health… you name it. It also consolidates these articles in the ‘Cover Story’, so that all articles are conveniently at one place, while ‘Flipboard Picks’ shows you articles that are popular and worthy to read. This is my Flipboard homepage:

What this means is that you spend less time needlessly flipping through a magazine, only to find the article that actually interests you. And what’s more, you can take it with you wherever you go, because Flipboard has expanded its app to support multiple platforms like the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and 8, and even the web. I often find myself using Flipboard when I travel to/from work, when I am waiting for someone, or when I feel like it!

I hope you will enjoy Flipboard as much as I do! Download it from the App Store on your device and start flipping away!

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Flipboard – The “Curated Magazine App”

  1. Such a good recommendation! I’ve always found it annoying to have to scroll through quite a number of magazine apps through my phone, now they’re all in one place! I’m downloading it NOWWWWW x


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