20140926: Chilling in London

The Travelling Pixie in London

Chilling before School Starts

Now I am faced with a beautiful Friday afternoon with nothing to do, and staying in my small London bedroom didn’t seem like a good option to go for.  So I got dressed, left home with my kindle and started wandering around for a place to sit and read for the rest of the afternoon.  Before I knew it, I’ve arrived Oxford Street and decided to go to the Starbucks I used to go to last year.  But only after 3 months and one summer holiday, everything seemed to have changed.  The Starbucks I used to go to was not there anymore, so I walked towards New Oxford Street, only to find the 2-storey Starbucks outside Tottenham Court Road Station to be very crowded.  A few stores down New Oxford Street, I came across Joe & The Juice and decided to go in for one of their smoothies.  I’ve always loved the Iron Man smoothie, a blend of strawberry, kiwi and apple juice, yumyum! This Joe & The Juice store, without the usual crowd of customers, provides a relaxing ambience for one who wishes to find somewhere for a quiet afternoon.  So I sat there with my kindle and my favourite smoothie for a couple of hours of quiet relaxation, and enjoyed the afternoon to myself amidst the vibrant Central London.


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