20140808: Sevva Birthday Tea

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Pre-Birthday Afternoon Tea @ Sevva – Prince’s Building

It’s two days to my birthday, and my girls and I decided to go to Sevva @ Prince’s Building for a relaxing afternoon catch up.

We didn’t order the normal afternoon tea set as it didn’t seem fit to share one between 6 people (plus it was HKD720 per tower for 2 – outrageously costly!), instead we ordered the candy floss macaroon cake (which I’ve forgotten the name), the Crunch Cake and the Lychee and Rose cake. It was superb, and the price split between 5 people (as they treated me to the tea) was not expensive as well, it came to HKD275 per person for one savoury dish, 3 cakes plus 5 teas.

The ambience of Sevva was really nice as well, we sat indoors which was brightly lit with sunlight oozing from the large windows. The terrace is also available for you to sit if you prefer to sit outside, or just to go out for photos.





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