Hi Everyone!

I launched this blog after my vacation to Denmark in July 2013 with the idea for the blog to be a chronicle of my travels.  I came up with the alias The Travelling Pixie to publish travel-related posts for my readers, hoping that my travel adventures could ignite others’ passion for travelling.

Soon after, I thought why stop here?

As a student studying Media & Cultural Studies in The University of the Arts London’s (UAL) London College of Communication, my passions lie in a broad range of fields.  Travelling aside, I am also interested in fashion, modelling, dance and history. I have been dancing for most of my life, various styles ranging from Ballet to Jazz Funk and Hip Hop. Dancing instills the life in me, leaving me feeling refreshed and alive. I also occasionally model for my friends, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot of my modelling shoots on this blog in the near future.

Besides all of my interests above, I aspire to become a freelance writer. I’m always on the look out for interesting stories to be told, and one day, hope that my pieces will become influential to the crowd.  All of the photos that I’ve posted on this blog (apart from guest posts) are those either taken by myself or by my friends, unless otherwise stated.

20140706-004555-2755943.jpgI would like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers, readers and visitors to this blog who have taken the time to read through what I wrote. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just read one sentence, or have gone through all my previous posts. What matters most to me is that you have or will enjoy what I write, and that it made a difference to your day.

Please help me improve on my blog through your comments and replies!

Afterall, I am writing for you! :)

Anna x

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