Sushi Ma 鮨真

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Sushi Ma 鮨真

Ever since most of my closest friends graduated from their Universities and subsequently got jobs in Hong Kong, I’ve had less and less chances to spend time with them.  But this semester, I’ve got a whole term allocated for internships and I’ve chosen to go back to my vibrant hometown of Hong Kong for a Lifestyle PR internship.

For the first time in my life I’ve finally understood the beauty of “TGIF”, which has also led me to better appreciate the precious time of being able to meet up with my dear friends.  On this special day, it was also Toby’s last day at his previous company, so we celebrated with him his new start as well as FINALLY being able to meet up.  Of course, for this rare occasion, we decided to treat ourselves with fine Japanese dining at Sushi Ma.

Phoebe was the one to recommend Sushi Ma to us, and it was a great recommendation!  We booked for 7:30pm, yet poor Toby still had to OT on his last day, so Phoebe and I arrived the restaurant and decided to order some appetisers while waiting for our third buddy.  For a light start, we had fried shrimps and dried puffer-fish plus an on-the-house seaweed in vinegar dish – sounds exotic I know!  but it’s not that uncommon in Japanese cuisines.  So we had a wonderful time nibbling on the starters while having a long-overdue update session on the past six months of our lives.

Time flew by while we gobbled down the last of the dried puffer-fish, the starters were so good!  The tiny fried shrimps were so fresh, I never imagined that fried shrimps could be this juicy!  Then there was the dried puffer-fish, these were always one of my favourites, the puffer-fish was so juicy too, the proportion of the fatty oils and the dried meat of the puffer-fish were in perfect balance, and with a tinge of salad dressing on the side, the flavour of the dried puffer-fish was impeccable!  Last of the starters was the seaweed in vinegar, sour appetisers really do open up my appetite.  The seaweed slices were so soft they melted on my palette, and with the mouth-watering vinegar, I couldn’t help myself but to drink it all down in a gulp.

Soon, Toby was on his way, and we ordered the main courses for the night.  As all of us weren’t too hungry, we decided to opt for something light.  Needless to say, this meant Sashimi!

We ordered one portion of assorted sashimi, chawan-mushi (Japanese steamed egg custard) and one portion of zaru udon.

the assorted Sashimi platter was simply divine!  Each piece of Sashimi was succulent, soft and so juicy!  I savoured every bite!  Then the chawan-mushi was presented before us, we ordered three portions of the Japanese steamed egg custard, one for each of us.  The chawan-mushi was also soft, perfect and very calming to the stomach.  The soft aroma of the steamed egg accompanied our palettes to the back of our tongues and down to our bellies.  Last but not least was the zaru udon.  For those regular readers of my blog, you’d know that the zaru udon / soba is always one of the must-haves on my Japanese dining excursions!  I have to say, the zaru udon at Sushi Ma was slightly disappointing because they used the normal udon noodles, which was too think and doesn’t hold enough sauce-dip for a balanced taste.

All in all, the meal was satisfying and we left with happy bellies!  Plus it was Toby’s treat (because he was late and he insisted on paying for the meal as an apology!  THANK YOU TOBY!)  The bill came to HK$500 (which is approximately £40), which I think is a fair deal for a Japanese fine dining experience.  The ambience was not bad too, located in the midst of the hustle bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui, Sushi Ma sits on 20/F of 19 Ashley Road overlooking Hong Kong.  The Oriental tranquility of Sushi Ma separates its customers from the busy streets below, creating a tranquil oasis.  We ate on a Friday night, yet the restaurant wasn’t very full, plus the tables were placed quite far away from each other, adding to the spacious atmosphere and privacy of its customers, simply the perfect place for a quiet chat and relaxing dinner amongst the company of great friends.


Sushi Ma 鮨真

20/F, 17-19 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Price: £££

Ambience: 8/10

Yum Factor: 8/10

Book here: +852 2314 7088


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